Automotive body repair products including car paints, varnishes and sandpaper

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Automotive paint

Molloy Industries sells high quality automotive paints.

Our automotive paints are available in several colours

We sell car paints of various colours, shades and brands. Private car owners, garages, mechanical centres and automotive body builders have trusted us for more than 30 years.

Our products will give your car a newer look. In addition to car paints, we also offer a wide range of car varnishes. Whether you are in Brossard, Laval or any other city in Quebec, come and discover our products!

Auto paint Montréal

Give your car a younger look

For any automotive paint product, stop by our shop!

Welcoming and professional

Is the paint on your vehicle's body worn out? Step in our shop and choose the best paint for your car! Welcoming and professional, our staff will show you the paint best suited to your vehicle.

You can choose from a wide variety of shades. Thanks to our assistance and support, you will not have any trouble finding the product you are looking for.

Auto paint Laval

A brand new colour for your car

We offer:

A variety of products
Personalized service
Professional support