Automotive body repair products including car paints, varnishes and sandpaper

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Car varnish in Montreal

Located in Montreal, Molloy Industries specializes in the sale of car varnishes.

Our varnishes are resistant to extreme conditions

Painting is the last step in repairing an automotive body. It is therefore advisable to choose the right varnish to preserve the appearance of the vehicle.

We offer top-of-the-range car varnishes to intensify the colours and improve the aesthetics of your automotive body. Highly resistant to climate change, scratches, UV rays and chemicals, they will enhance the appearance of you car.

Car Varnish Montréal

Our varnishes are used to improve the aesthetics of a vehicle's body

For any type of car varnish, visit our shop.

Une belle finition

Our varnishes are characterized by a good thickness and offer an exceptional gloss or matte lacquer effect. They are mainly used to protect the bodywork of a car from external attacks like dust, grease, shocks, water, etc.

Apart from car varnishes, we also sell sandpaper. Everyone from Brossard, Laval and Quebec is welcomed to visit us.

Car Varnish Laval

Our varnishes offer an exceptional gloss or matte lacquer effect

Our customers include:

Private car owners
Automotive body shops
Mechanical workshops
Automotive body builders